STHS Graduation Project

Every student graduated by the School District of Springfield Township is responsible for completing the Graduation Project. This project permits students to pursue interests as they explore the world outside of the classroom, demonstrating the skills they have gained during high school. Students will initiate and commit to career exploration, community service, or creative/performing arts experiences. These individualized projects can spark curiosity, cultivate talent, and help students develop self understanding, all important as seniors prepare to move beyond high school.

Students will use their goal setting and problem solving skills to define, plan, and create their own research projects. As they explore their chosen topics, students will evaluate information and synthesize and analyze their findings. All students will maintain a digital portfolio recording each step of their research and project.
Finally, students will communicate their experiences and results through a digital product and a presentation of their research and project.

Senior Sem Process Interviews from Spartan TV on Vimeo.

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Students adapt a variety of digital storytelling tools to meet their product needs

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