Global Studies is intended to provide students with an enhanced grasp of current world affairs. Students look at every region of the world in an attempt to understand how connected and interdependent the global community truly is. They will explore the geography, culture, and history of various regions in order to gain a better awareness of current political, economic, and social conditions around the globe. They also explore key themes such as human rights, nuclear proliferation, and global environment & health.

This course focuses on the following essential questions:

  • How are social, political, and economic events interconnected at the global level?
  • What role should the United States play in world affairs?
  • What nations are emerging world powers?
  • How are 21st century media technologies impacting world affairs?
  • What are the most pressing concerns facing the global community today?

and has the following objectives:
  • To use current events to examine relevant themes in the global community.
  • To create global citizens with an awareness and understanding of different cultures.
  • To practice intellectual and technical skills students will need to be successful in college and the workplace.

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